Sunday, September 17, 2006

I'm alive! Sorta!

In case you haven't noticed, updates have been spotty and will probably continue to be until I settle down in England. Right now, I'm focusing on all the things I still have to do in my last week in the U.S. And it's a lot. Although, I did at least get to enjoy one more Classics dept function at my undergrad university this week. It was quite by accident but, as always, filled with fun and amusement. (Although, there were no brownie stand-offs this year. Certain people must have learned not to get in between me and the brownies. :-D)

Anyway, I've been meaning to thank Tropaion for the mention and to add a permanent link there in this blog. Hopefully, the permanent link will happen soon.

Also, hearing about a replica of the Argo being made to sail Jason's journey (from the Classics-L list), I really do have to wonder. I've always thought that if more people really knew about Jason & Medea, there would be fewer Jasons in the world. But still, people wish to make his journey, even if he was a pansy hero who needed Medea to save him and who then proceeded to abandon her. Bitter? Me? Naw. ;-)


Anonymous Marcus said...

The stupid boat only demonstrates that people in general haven't caught the message. There will be ohs! and ahs! when it sails and pride in heroism and adventurousness. But it's all for nothing if the real points aren't grasped, and how could they be in a culture that celebrates the relativity or equality of desires?

Jason saw this and pleased the crowd, or better the conventional, which in turn condemned Medea. Of course Eros did have its bittersweet revenge. Textbook stuff this, haha I'm turning bitter dammit.

Sorry, good luck with your studies in the UK! :)

9:09 AM  
Blogger Glaukôpis said...

::snerk:: No more bitter than I!

And thanks!

12:22 PM  
Blogger Alexandra P said...

And the interesting thing is that Tim Severin did the same thing years ago, making the boat with (he hoped) only gear they could actually have had to hand... and writing a book about the whole process, and the sailing of it, which is just brilliant. But of course, he's English, not Greek!

8:01 AM  

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