Tuesday, September 05, 2006

More on Canongate's The Myths Series

Realizing one only has 20 days left in the country is somewhat disturbing. Over a third of those days are going to be at work. The rest of the time is going to be spent hitting Greek harder (hopefully) and trying to actually get ready for this move. The prep and the work are cutting into my Greek time a lot more than I was expecting. This is seriously unfortunate.

On the bright side, I discovered another of the books in The Myths Series today. I guess it was out earlier, but I missed that too. It's David Grossman's Lion's Honey (Amazon.com link at the bottom of the post, along with the others).

I just wish they'd have published a better list of books for the series at some point, so I don't have to actually go to the mythology section of the bookstore to go hunting for books about the same size and shape as the previous ones in order to figure out if they're really part of the series! It seems to me better promotion could have been done with this series. Anyway, these are the titles I've discovered so far (verified by this list on Canongate). The links lead to my reviews:

-Karen Armstrong's A Short History of Myth
-Margaret Atwood's The Penelopiad
-Jeanette Winterson's Weight
-Victor Pelevin's The Helmet of Horror
-David Grossman's Lion's Honey
-Alexander McCall Smith's Dream Angus (coming out later this month)

And I think Dream Angus is coming out after I leave the country! This could be vexing. I hope the UK covers match the US covers. Eheu!

There is also a boxset (which only includes A Short History of Myth, The Penelopiad, Weight, and Dream Angus) that comes with an essay by Philip Pullman called "A Word or Two About Myths." I'm not sure this is actually available separately!)


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