Friday, September 08, 2006

The Parthenon, Mary Beard, and visa trouble, oh my!

If you haven't already read about it, here's an article on a piece of the Parthenon being returned. I've read about it in a couple places, but thanks to Aine Bina for that link.

Also, Mary Beard is writing about Et Tu, Brute? as it's being applied to modern politics. She also mentioned a couple posts ago that she will be in a BBC drama-doc on ancient Rome. I think it promises to be interesting!

Lastly, on the personal grad school side of things, just when I thought all I had left to do was study more Greek and pack, I got an interesting call from someone in another state. She tells me the British Consulate sent her my stuff. It's as if the universe wants to constantly keep me on my toes. Eheu. But I am very grateful to this person for having the honesty and kindness to track me down to let me know and for sending it back to me.


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