Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Reason #23536547745 why Classical studies are important

This, which a friend just showed me, must be why so many marriages are wrecked today. Can you imagine what that would mean on your wedding cake?!

Bride: We're married!
Groom: No, we're not!
Bride: Yes, we are!
Groom: Um, BYE!
Bride: CURSE YOU! [kills herself]

As another friend pointed out, of course, that's not actually that far off from most marriages today.

So, what next? Are they going to have Jason and Medea cat wedding cake toppers?

Bride: We're married!
Groom: Uh, not really. I'm going to marry this other chick.
Bride: Oh NO you don't! [kills children]

And, of course, reason #23536547744 why Classical studies are important would be so that you don't name your child Jason--at least, if you'd like to have surviving grandchildren and if you'd like your child to not be associated with a cur.


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