Saturday, December 03, 2005

Fun with music and food and gardening, oh my!

First, I give you a link one of my friend's found: How the Greeks Roll. It's a rap music video version of the Odyssey. And it's surprisingly well-done. I'm glad there are people out there who feel the need to incorporate Homer into pop-culture still.

Next, from the Classics-L list, a couple interesting book titles were advertised:
-Roman Cookery: Recipes and History
-Roman Gardens

On the bottom of both pages, there are links to other related books, such as Medieval or Gregorian cooking and gardening books.

In other FANTABULOUS news, I finally finished that Aeneid paper (with the exception of edits and such--but please note that it's FOUR days before it's due!), and now I can finally think about OTHER papers. My head hurts, though, because I only accomplished this by staying up until after 7AM. :-P That would be fine, except that I have work soon. Oh well, at least I have that warm, fuzzy feeling of accomplishment.


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