Friday, December 02, 2005

Random conglomeration of things...

Wow, I'm extremely flattered that one of my posts has made it on the History Carnival No. 21 (under "Entertainment"). It makes me feel much more important than I actually am. ;-) Thanks much to Laura James (and whoever nominated the post!). For past History Carnival entries, click here.

Anyway, my friend found an excellent website, Archaeological News, which links to a variety of archaeological news articles on their website each day. I'll try to remember to add it as a permanent link when I'm done posting.

And another friend showed me this Phantom of the Opera Ball (in California), which happens to include a ballet from the opera "Sappho." She didn't show it to me because of that, and I suspect when they say that it's a "new" opera, they actually mean Charles Gounod's 1851 Sapho, which would have been relatively "new" at the time this pseudo-ball is taking place.

You all should know by now that I'll take any excuse to mention Sappho, even if Homo Edax does not appreciate this! :-D


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