Thursday, September 01, 2005


I'm fairly certain that everyone who reads this blog has probably seen this link somewhere already, but the Classics-L list has asked that this be spread: Tulane University's blog with storm updates.

On a much happier note, the list also provided a link for an interactive map of Rome. It's certainly spiffy, but methinks the Darkwing maps are more entertaining (direct link to the European maps). Then again, this may have more to do with my professor and his interactive sound effects when he shows us Alexander's march. It is my firm opinion that they should incorporate this into the actual map!

As for my classes--well, I've only been to my language classes so far. I'm getting that same "what have I just gotten myself into" feeling I've had the past couple semesters. Both semesters, I ended up just fine (well, in the very, very end, that is). But we're all rejoicing that I am not taking seven classes again. I may, however, be taking a mythology class (general, not classical), but I'm not entirely sure about that yet.


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