Sunday, August 21, 2005

A couple links and book blathering...

Both of them are from rogueclassicism yesterday, I believe.

First, and article about a musical called Esther, the Concubine Queen. It worries me a bit. I showed the link to my prof before you all (sorry, I was tired yesterday), and he was definitely not happy with it. But we can add this to the growing list of musicals based on ancient history and/or literature now... And still that list isn't as long as the one for 19th century Brit lit novels that have been musicalised.

David Meadows also posted about The Ministry of Reshelving and his own plans to do this for ancient history sections. I think it's a brilliant idea. I'm tempted to sneak in and do it at work (except our classical studies and ancient history sections are pretty good).

In other news, I am finally DONE with classes for the summer (with two exams and a paper due this past week, I was starting to feel like I was smack in the middle of a normal semester!). Now I have a week to chill before classes start again.

I've also been attempting to re-organise my books on my bookshelve, and it's a daunting task! I have so many books that actually organising them into section is proving difficult. I'm also having to double-shelve, and I really want all my Classics books to be up front. But that would leave everything else behind them. So I've nixed that idea and am doubling up my poor Classics books. My Loebs and Grene & Lattimore tragedies are definitely staying in the front, though. It's really pathetic that my Classics books are so numerous that I have to divide those into their own subsections too! Ah, sweet booklust!

Oh, also my friend pointed out in the comments to the previous post that the SciFi article on Beowulf was mistaken. There is no weird new "Queen of Darkness" or "Queen of the Night" character. Angelina Jolie will be playing Grendel's mom. I actually think this is excellent and am looking forward to the movie now! Hopefully, it won't let me down...


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