Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Losing my mind...?

My apologies for not posting yesterday, as promised. I didn't have anything that urgent to say and was a bit swamped.

But I've been thinking. I've pretty much been taking classes all summer without break--even starting right after a grueling semester of seven classes. It's not that I absolutely need the classes to graduate (to be honest, I'm way over the necessary credit number), but I am trying to work my schedule out so that I'll have taken as many Latin and Greek courses as possible before graduating. The fact is I just started too late.

But that means I've been going non-stop. When I saw my advisor yesterday, by chance, he asked me if I've taken a break this summer. Without thinking about it, I said, "no." He's probably on to something, but it's too late to fix that now. My other professor said I shouldn't be on the computer so much. He's probably on to something too, but most of my computer time is spent studying anyway.

Let this also be a lesson to all who may follow. Spend less time on the computer and be sure to TAKE A BREAK once in a while--lest you become CRAZY like ME. ;-) I mean, I really want to get into grad school, but I don't think "Lost her mind and all higher brain functions during her last year of undergrad" would help much on my application. Or maybe it would, because aren't all Classicists a little bit crazy? (I mean this in the best ways, of course.)

Anyway, this article on Thucydides and Taiwan was posted to rogueclassicism a couple days ago. It came just around the time we were going over Thucydides in class and my professor was talking about it as a guide for future wars, and thus, it amused me.


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