Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I'm all over the map today...

Apparently, today is the anniversary of Vesuvius going kabloomy. Except, if you factor in time zones, I've already missed it. Oops. I've seen the occassion mentioned in a couple communities, but I suspect they got it from rogueclassicism (because, frankly, David Meadows seems to know everything ;-)).

Anyway, there really hasn't been much going on with the Smithsonian lectures, and I only missed announcing one. The next one is September 9th and is called Roman Genius.

An interesting article on imaging the layers of an Egyptian mummy popped up on the Classics-L list today also.

There was also more on the digitalised medieval manuscript collection. That looks fascinating, and frankly, I'm excited!

In more personal news, the book organising goes on, but it's a daunting task. I've decided to ignore the books that are in boxes elsewhere, because they won't fit on my bookshelf anyway.

I'm going on a short hiatus for the college search to regain morale. It's tough, sometimes, finding something you love so much.


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