Sunday, September 25, 2005

Ah sweet index cards

I've been avoiding index cards this past semester and a half, because when my second semester of Latin and my first semester of Greek came together under unholy auspices, I realised I would soon be inundated in index cards. The chances were great that they would one day find me dead and buried somewhere in my room with my piles of index cards.

That said, my vocabulary retention went straight to hell last semester, so I've decided (reluctantly) to continue my quick spiral towards death by index cards.

I've started my Greek index cards, but eventually (in theory), I'll make my Latin index cards as well. I'm certainly at that point where I feel like I don't need my undivided attention on understanding grammatical points, anyway.

In other news, narrowing down a list of grad schools is proving more cumbersome than expected. How can you know from a website which schools will suit you? Or which schools will even take your application seriously? I know, I should e-mail them, but I hate bothering people I don't know. And seriously, what do you say in these e-mails? They will be as much a part of the application process as the application itself.

And, honestly, if I judged our department by our website, I doubt very much that I'd have a favourable opinion of it. But I can't imagine a group of people under whom I would rather have studied these past few years for my undergrad degree. The gods have smiled up on me so far.

Edited to add: This just in from the Classics-L list. Tulane University's Department of Classical studies has a blog with news pertaining to Katrina. They are still trying to find out about a couple of their grad students. They also have a webpage with current contact info here.


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