Sunday, July 10, 2005

Latin ate my brain!

There's a new installment of Father Foster today. He's discussing sports, and stem cells come up at one point. I think she finally stumped him! wow.

There isn't much Classics-related going on in the world of Glaukopis now. I'm afraid, dear readers, that I've been swamped with the job that actually pays for my book-habit (or almost pays for it). Unfortunately, working at a bookstore, my life will literally be eaten up by said job next weekend. Do you think the scary bookstore lady could coerce some little kids into learning REAL Latin as they buy their brand new Harry Potters?

The other thing going on in the life of Glaukopis is mad studying for my up-coming Vergil exam. Long-term memorisation of vocabulary has never been my strong point. Eheu!


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