Friday, July 08, 2005

Ah, sweet booklust.

There is nothing quite like coming home with an armful of new books. Today, I bought (with the excuse that these will further my studies and/or that they are books for class) a few Loebs, an Egyptian Language book, a Penguin edition of Plutarch's The Age of Alexander, Kenneth G. Holum's Theodosian Empresses: Women and Imperial Dominion in Late Antiquity, Debra Hamel's Trying Neaira, Magika Hiera (ed. Christopher A. Faraone and Dirk Obbink), A.A. Long's Hellenistic Philosophy: Stoics, Epicureans, Sceptics, Peter Trippi's J.W. Waterhouse (if you've not seen Waterhouse's paintings, particularly his mythological-themed paintings, you don't know what you're missing), Alexander Heidel's The Babylonian Genesis, Duncan Sprott's Ptolemies (fiction), Ian Shaw's The Dictionary of Ancient Egypt, and some other unrelated books.

Yes, I realise I have a compulsive addiction problem.

Actually, what would be even better than coming home with the books would be if I actually had time to read all of them now. Eheu!

In unrelated news, I've only just discovered the hilarious grad student comic strip, PhD (Piled Higher and Deeper). It's not about Classics at all (in fact, it seems to lean towards science), but I'm starting to relate to some of that even as an undergrad!

On a completely unrelated note, I also wanted to plug my friend's blog--Brontëana. It's about the Brontës, but my friend is also a fifth year Classics/English major who is looking to get into grad school. She really is quite the Brontë enthusiast, so do go and take a look!


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