Thursday, August 17, 2006

Various and Sundry

Well, I've put up AdSense and Amazon links. I really like the idea of Amazon actually paying me for advertising for them, since I do that already. And I really do believe in using Firefox (particularly over IE), hence the link.

Anyway, you should all go read Jeff Cohen's latest post at In the Middle on Capital One commercials. It's just too funny.

Also, thanks to the Classics-L list, a a wonderful link to some Latin texts read out loud.

Finally, thanks to a friend, a few Smithsonian Resident Associate Program links (for those in the D.C. area):

Did the Trojan War Really Happen? with Dr. Barry Strauss
Homer at the Embassy with Stanley Lombardo
The Origins of the Bible and the History of Its Interpretation with Albert Paretsky


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