Thursday, August 17, 2006

Recommendations and Perseus & PhiloLogic

Well, I've spent part of the afternoon messing around with Amazon recommendations. I don't really want it cluttering the blog, except when I'm talking about a certain book, and I have lots of books I'd like to recommend. So I've branched out and set up recommendations in a separate but clearly related blog. You'll see links to different sections/posts on the side. These will be updated as I have the time and inclination. Obviously, there's still a lot missing. I'll probably also add a movie section later too, as well as updates on what I'm reading each week or so.

Also, from the Classics-L list, it looks like Perseus texts have been added until PhiloLogic for easier searching (of course, I read this after I finished updating the links on the blog. oh well). At any rate, it looks like it might be more useful, since I, at any rate, am not entirely fond of the Perseus searches. It's still my favourite website, but nothing's perfect, of course!


Anonymous John Jackson said...

The opening of Perseus has allowed others to port the “data” to other platforms. Two that come to mind are the Diogenes program that runs on Firefox and the Palm Pilot version of the Parsing tool for Greek and Latin and a linked Liddell Scott Lexicon.

1:54 AM  
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