Thursday, November 17, 2005

HBO's ROme ep 11

-Pullo assassinates some guy.
-Vorenus and family prepping for his big magistrate duties. Vorenus complains that his wife is wearing too much medal and says he's "not the king of Persia."
-Vorenus receiving clients, an old soldier friend (Mascius) of his interrupts. MACAW is back in the background. His youngest daughter (a little girl) is eying some boy.
-V tells Mascius that Pullo is dead to him (after M compared them to Castor and Pollux).
-Mascius says the soldiers want land in Italy. TENSION.
-Prostitutes rob Pullo of his jewelry while he's sleeping.
-Pullo goes back to the creepy guy for more work. Creepy guy says Pullo wasn't discreet enough last time, but he finally gives in and gives Pullo some money. Pullo is about to buy a drink, but creepy guy tells him "Not here. This is a respectable place... for decent citizens."
-Vorenus goes to Caesar on the behalf of the soldiers. Antony tries to get Caesar to evict his enemies and give land to the soldiers. Caesar promises them land in Panonia and tells Vorenus to persuade Mascius with a "personal" offer, so he'll convince the soldiers. He also invites V and fam to a symposium. V is uncomfortable.
-V's daughter getting music lessons.
-Caesar declared dictator for life. 5th month named July in his honour.
-Graffiti of Brutus killing Caesar. Brutus wants it erased. The people apparently see his ancestor in him.
-Cassius shows him Caesar's "throne" in the senate house. Brutus says it's a chair. Cassius says, "The people will not accept a tyrant's death unless a Brutus holds the knife." Brutus insists the Republic is not in his hands.
-Pullo murders again. An old lady sees and walks after him shouting, "Murderer! Murderer!" (The pace of this lady reminds me of the line in the Aeneid about Barce: "Illa gradum studio celebrabat anili." When I read that line, I had to laugh--the zeal of an old woman? I can't see her going all that fast...)
-He threatens her with a knife, and she backs off a moment. Then he goes away and drops his knife and goes insane with her screaming "Murderer!" in his head and multiplying like a hydra's head...
-V and Mascius argue about the land with Mascius claiming that his honour is not for sale so cheap. Mascius: "Men with swords never starve." V: "But they still die. Captains first." Mascius finally agrees to bargain.
-Niobe trying on dresses for the symposium.
-Atia trying to convince Caesar that Brutus will betray him by Servilia's urging.
-Antony trying to get Octavia to get Atia to talk to him. Atia listens on. Octavia tells Antony that her disdain is an act and "she's entirely infatuated with you." Atia interjects that it's a lie. Antony tries to talk to her, but Atia shifts her attention to Niobe--"the beauty in the vulgar dress." Octavia tells her it's Vorenus' wife. Caesar introduces Atia to Niobe. Atia: "Who on Gaia's earth made this astonishing dress?" Niobe: "I did..." Atia: "You didn't!"
-Caesar is happy with V's negotiating skills. Octavius comes up and says, "Vorenus." Caears: "Magistrate Venus. He outranks you now." Octavius heard that Pullo is in the dungeons awaiting trial for murder. He wants to do something. Caesar says they must do nothing, since the murdered guy was someone who opposed him. Doesn't want people to suspect that he was somehow behind it.
-Niobe UNCOMFORTABLE. V and Niobe leave.
-Party over. Antony corners Atia. She slaps him. They kiss.
-Niobe sad about her dress.
-Pullo in dungeon with humming guy (who helped him with the murders).
-Octavius sent somebody to find Pullo a lawyer. This one guy says that he "could have Medea acquitted." (Pshaw! She SHOULD be acquitted! Jason is an ass! :-D) The moment he says it's for Pullo, the lawyers go away. Finally some guy accepts when he brings out the money.
-Lawyer tries to get Pullo to say who hired him or at least give a good excuse. Pullo has nothing.
-Trial. Vorenus sneaks in the crowd and runs into Mascius, who is already planning to free Pullo. V tells him to call it off, because it would be bad politically if the soldiers are above the law. Mascius says he can't call them off, because it would make him look bad. V says he could look far worse. Mascius: "Look at us, brother. How has it come to this?" V: "It is for the good of the Republic." Mascius calls them off.
-People throw stuff at Pullo's scared lawyer. He says they should feel pity. When asked, he does not think Pullo innocent. Pullo condemned to the arena.
-Caesar says he thinks of Brutus as a son and offers him Macedonia. Brutus refuses. Caesar: "I need someone I can trust." Brutus: "You need me out of Rome?" Caesar: "Not at all! I need your help." Brutus asks if Caesar has doubts. Caesar reminds him of the "betrayal." Brutus points out that had Caesar *asked* for his allegiance, he would have given it, but Caesar *demanded* it at sword-point. Caesar takes it back and says he trusts him completely. Brutus: "So much that you would send me to Macedonia?" Caesar tries to insist. Brutus gets upset. Caesar mentions the graffiti, and Brutus says, "Only tyrants need fear tyrant-killers. You are no tyrant! Haven't you told me so many times?" Caesar sends him away.
-Pullo in dungeon praying. Asks long life for Ireni and Vorenus. Also wants Ireni to know he's sorry. The Pullo we've been waiting to see all episode!!
-Pullo led into the arena. People booing. He picks up the sword and tosses it aside.
-Gladiators try to get him to fight. He won't. Just wants to die. They start insulting the 13th legion, and Pullo finally gets pissed. He beats them all up, and the crowd cheers. He shouts, "13th!" More gladiators come. Vorenus watching. Pullo slaughtering. Vorenus about to cry. Pullo still shouting, but he's exhausted on the ground. They send out another gladiator who looks more experienced. Pullo too tired to fight. The guy kicks him around. Pullo helpless. Vorenus comes in and shouts, "13th!" He fights the gladiator. V about to be defeated, but he chops off the gladiator's leg and kills him. Crowd cheers and chants, "Pullo!"
-Now we see Caesar's man paying the creepy guy--so Caesar IS behind the murder.
-Brutus: "Mother, I owe Caesar no more friendship. I must do my duty."

Overall: An especially painful episode, but in a good way. Friendships crumbling all over the place. Rather depressing. As always, very well-written. Still not thrilled with what they did to Pullo, but at least they did it well. The last scene with Brutus deciding to kill Caesar is especially telling to the Republic.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pullo!!!! *sob* I still love him, even though he's been killing people. And thank you, Vorenus, for being a hero. I love you, too.

Also very surprised they're already leading up to the assassination. The show's been renewed for another season. A season with Ciaran Hinds, I guess?

Mme B

11:39 AM  
Blogger Glaukôpis said...

I guess he'll just be gone. I think by the time they knew they'd be able to renew the show, they were too far in the plot to slow down enough to make the assassination hold off for another season.

11:41 AM  
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