Thursday, November 10, 2005

HBO's Rome ep 10

-Brutus and Cicero discussing the situation in Rome at a funeral; Brutus tells Cicero, “My dear friend, we have no honour. If we had any honour, we would be with Cato and Scipio in the afterlife.”
-Cicero moves that Caesar be made imperator; Brutus seconds the motion—this is clearly (from their earlier discussion) a farce to them
-Atia goes to visit Servilia; Atia tells Servilia that Octavia is in Paestum
-In the next scene, Octavia is slitting her wrists. Octavius comes in and says he’s come to take her home. She doesn’t want to go. She’s apparently staying at the temple of the Magna Mater and had run away. Octavius tells her to consider the possibility that Atia did what she did out of love for her. Octavius tries to take her hand, and he sees that she’s slit her wrists.
-Vorenus making a speech to the people in his district. He’s told to go back to Gaul. He cites his defense of Rome, etc. He still gets protestations, but somebody is prompting him and seems to take care of the guy objecting.
-Caesar goes to see the King of all the Gauls in captivity. Somebody says, “Makes you think, doesn’t it?” Apparently, he’s going to execute the King.
-Pullo wants in on the Triumph, but they tell him it’s enlisted men only. Heated words.
-Antony: “It’s absurd, isn’t it—dressing up, playing at being a god.” Caesar: “Playing? I’m not playing. This is not a game.” A: “As you wish; it is not a game.”
-Brutus tries to talk to mommy, but she sends him away to go to Caesar’s “obscene display.”
-Octavia’s back at home. A slave is covering up her scars. Atia tries to talk to her. Doesn’t seem to get that she’s the problem, not the people to whom Octavia ran, but she does seem to genuinely have missed Octavia (at least as much as she can care about anyone else).
-Pompey’s son screaming at Brutus’ home for protection.
-Servilia eventually lets him in. Pompey’s son has a LOT of hatred against Caesar. Servilia tells him that he’s among friends.
-Octavius paints Caesar’s face red
-Triumph with Caesar dressed as Jupiter. King of Gauls is killed.
-Public dinner, 100 denarii given to every citizen, all rents paid by Caesar, etc.
-Brutus not happy with Pompey’s son in his house.
-Vorenus has issue with being set up as the only *real* man for his district. Caesar’s man argues that Caesar is a demigod, but Vorenus says only for a day.
-Vorenus and Pullo talk, but Vorenus isn’t listening at first. Pullo asks Vorenus for money to free his slave woman (Ireni?) so that he can marry her. He plans to go to the country.
-Cicero shows Brutus a pamphlet going around about honouring Cato, and Brutus asks who wrote it. It’s apparently said to be authored by Brutus. Apparently Servilia wrote it, with help from Cassius, in Brutus’ name.
-Brutus very upset. Servilia tells him to beg Caesar for mercy, since it’s served him in the past. Brutus points out that he could be killed. Servilia reminds him that his fathers would have chased out Caesar. Brutus tells her to forget it all.
-Pullo tells Ireni that she’s free and gives her a dress. She’s all happy.
-Vorenus’ slave comes to Pullo to thank him for freeing her. Apparently, they’re lovers and planned to legally marry when they’d saved enough to buy their freedom. They will take Pullo’s name, rather than Vorenus’, out of gratitude. Pullo, out of anger, beats the slave’s head on the wall until he’s dead. Ireni comes screaming. Vorenus comes close after. Pullo says he killed him, and Vorenus says, “I can see that but why?” Pullo says that he loves Ireni, and Vorenus snarks that that is not the way to show it and then gets angry that he’s killed his slave in his home and in front of his children. Pullo says he’ll pay him back, and Vorenus says he has no money but what he’s given him. Also calls him a “damned fool” and says he doesn’t “care about the money—it’s the disrespect”
-Pullo throws back that Vorenus is “kissing [Caesar’s] royal ass” even though he disagreed with him previously. Vorenus pissed. Sends him away. Pullo tries to tell Ireni that he’s sorry, but Niobe tells him to stay away from her.
-Brutus denies writing the pamphlet. Caesar believes him.
-The body of the King of the Gauls is taken from the dump and burnt properly by (presumably) other Gauls.
-The guy who tried to turn Vorenus into his henchman (I think it’s him anyway) tries to recruit Pullo, who is drunk.

Overall, I'm not really as thrilled with this episode. It was good, but I'm personally miffed at what they did to Pullo. He was one of my favourite characters, but it's hard to respect someone who murders on a snap like that. Maybe I'm being too hard on him. On the other hand, I think this is the first time I've started to feel a bit for Atia... Not much, though.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wanted to hug Pullo and kill him at the same time. And yet, I don't think it was out of character. Remember how he went off and tortured and killed Niobe's boyfriend in a misguided attempt to end the problem and just fucked things up more (temporarily - I'm still amazed that she and her sister patched things up). I totally understand him doing it because it was all so fast. His first reaction is to strike. Every time. He thinks about consequences later. And the consequences always bite him in the ass.

I still adore him, but I want to beat on him for being such a moron. I'm still pretty sure that he won't go along with Mr Mafia, but mostly because I remember from the making of stuff that he becomes a gladiator somehow (not that they said it, just that they showed him in the ring). So I'm praying that he doesn't do a stint with Mr Mafia first, because he does have a sense of honour. It's just not necessarily the same as ours, and it's certainly not the same as Vorenus'.

Mme Bahorel

7:41 PM  
Blogger Glaukôpis said...

Oh, I remember that. But even so, I have a hard time condoning this one. :-/

Really do hope he stays away from the creepy mafia guy, though.

12:15 AM  

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