Tuesday, November 15, 2005

E-mail at socrat.es!

I have just acquired for myself a brand new e-mail address at the socrat.es domain (tell me that isn't the COOLEST e-mail you've ever seen!). You can find my new address on my profile (not going to post it here, lest the spammers pick it up), AND you can get your very own socrat.es e-mail here for $25 a year. Just click "E-mail Account" then "Continue" and then make sure you choose "socrat.es" from the pull-down list. You can also get e-mail at archimed.es, and for the Tolkien fans: elv.es, hobbits.es, myprecio.us, and pockets.es.

Yeah. I'm having a major geek moment, and I'm in LOVE with my new e-mail address. And I'm not being paid to advertise. But really, socrat.es??! Too much fun to pass up!

And it looks like I probably won't get to the Rome review until Thursday night. My apologies. Homework is dragging me by the ears and threatening to pin me up by the ankles and to leave me there to rot. :-P (Hrm, that was a purpose clause within an indirect statement... ::smacks self:: This isn't a language class!)

I need sleep.


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