Friday, October 21, 2005

HBO's Rome ep 8

-Brutus comes home and hugs his mother--looks confused!
-Caesar meets Ptolemy, who looks really bored!
-Some kids throw a rock at Pullo, who throws it back
-Ptolemy on Cleopatra: "Do not speak of her! I piss on her! I shit on her!" Adorably bratty kid. Discussion of whether or not he has complete control over Egypt or if Cleopatra is a threat.
-Bring out Pompey's head. Ptolemy is really excited about how they were going to "make him a body and do a mime show with real animals and everything!" Caesar frightens him by bellowing "Silence!" (Why not "Tace!"? hee. Then he says, "Shame on the House of Ptolemy, shame!" and shouts that he "was a consul of Rome!" Caesar mad as all hell. He demands the guy who killed Pompey.
-Pompey's funeral pyre. Caesar muttering something, and a tear!
-Caesar wants to "settle" the impending civil war in order to protect grain interests.
-Antony reminds Caesar of Cato and Scipio. Caesar says he'll crush them. Antony: "I'm glad you're so confident. Some would call it hubris." Caesar: "It's only hubris if I fail."
-Vorenus apologises to Caesar again for not turning in Pompey--feels responsible for Pompey's death!
-Caesar comes back the next day for Pompey's assassin, but the eunuch says he's run away. Caesar says he's collecting the money borrowed by Ptolemy's father. Ptolemy throws the scroll at Caesar's feet. Caesar: "His majesty forgets he is a vassal to Rome." Ptolemy: "Vassal?! I am no Vassal!" Caesar: "SIT DOWN!" Caesar says he'll collect a bit less and says he'll adjudicate with Cleopatra in the meantime.
-Pullo makes fun of Egyptian gods. Vorenus talks about how great Egypt was "long before Rome." Sounds like a history lesson for the uneducated viewers...
-Ptolemy's men want to kill off Cleopatra before Caesar can find her and put her on the throne.
-Messenger comes to tell Cleo that she "must prepare herself for the afterlife." Her nurse is FAR more upset than she is!
-Executioners come and tell her to say her last words. She's mumbling in Egyptian (presumably!) when we hear choking from outside. Instead of quickly finishing the job, as would be logical, the guy stands there looking confused. Pullo comes in, and they fight. Nurse holds herself over Cleo. Pullo beats up excessively on executioner.
-Ptolemy's men want to attack Caesar.
-Pompey's assassin brought to Caesar. Assassin killed.
-Cleopatra talks about Caesar to her nurse. Smokes something in a pipe.
-Pullo tells Vorenus that Cleo wants him!
-Cleo on seducing Caesar: "I have him. Or I die! So I will have him!"
-Nurse tells Vorenus to come. Cleo wants him to "enter her." Vorenus is dumb and says, "I do not understand..." She wants to make babies! But Vorenus says he's not a slave to be commanded to have sex. Cleo insulted. Vorenus comes rushing out of the tent and says, "Pullo! Report immediatedly to Princess Cleopatra and do as she says!" Pullo is confused! Um... match made in heaven, though. Pullo comes out grinning and goes to lie down and starts talking to Vorenus. V: "I don't want to know!"
-Cleo brought to Caesar by Vorenus and Pullo in a bag.
-Ptolemy playing some kind of game with his eunuch that involves Ptolemy kicking the guy blindfolded. Cleo enters and Ptolemy runs back to his throne, frightened.
-She goes up to kiss him, and he turns his face away, very very scared! She taunts him. He says he never wanted to harm her. She blames the eunuch and says, "It must die!"
-More heads on pikes.
-Cleo tells Caesar she's his slave. They have sex.
-That scene juxtaposed with Servilia leaning over Octavia and kissing her.
-A bunch of Egyptians gather while Caesar and Cleo are having their fun, and they start throwing rocks at the Romans.
-Cicero tells Brutus: "We only did what we had to do." Brutus: "No doubt Saturn said something of the sort after eating his children." They discuss that Antony will be unleashed to do as he wants, and Brutus says that he is done with politics. Cicero wants to communicate with Scipio and Cato, but Antony pops in with "good news." Antony insists he's a merciful man and says he's made some mistakes he's ashamed to think of. He tells Cicero that he forgives him and that "nothing escapes" him and threatens to cut off his hands if he hears his name connected with treachery again. Then he tells them that Caesar has lifted the seige and is master of all Egypt.
-Shot of Ptolemy's body in the water. Caesar and Cleo walk out with a baby (it's been 9 mo already?!). The soldiers are shouting, including Pullo. Vorenus gives him a look, and Pullo stops momentarily but then continues. Soooooo who's baby is it, we wonder!

Overall: To everyone who was skeptical of the Servilia/Octavia relationship lasting--I blow my nose at you! :-D I really really loved this episode. The acting is fabulous. I'm not quite sure how I feel about the Cleopatra situation, particularly with regards to Pullo, but it's interesting, anyway. And I'm very happy to have my Egypt episode at long last!

Next on my list--where is this Servilia/Octavia relationship going?? I want to see more than sex!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You and my roommate both missed the crucial "For the better part of a year, Caesar has been stuck in siege in Alexandria" that Brutus says to Cicero at the beginning of the scene in the senate house.

I still think the baby is Pullo's, and Vorenus agrees with me *g*.

Lyndsey is everywhere these days - it's terrific! I saw her on stage before she'd done anything, really, in the role that got her an Olivier nom. I think she's a year younger than I am, too. Lovely girl, but shy off stage.

Mme B

10:42 AM  
Blogger Glaukôpis said...

Right. I remember it now that you said it, but I didn't feel like typing up the entire dialogue.

I'm pretty sure the baby IS Pullo's, just because Cleo was rambling about how it was the right night to conceive and whatnot...

12:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cleo was also high when she was rambling about wanting to get knocked up by a Roman. But the look on Vorenus' face when he saw the baby was priceless. I think I love those two more than anyone else on the show.

Mme B

1:14 AM  
Blogger Glaukôpis said...

::snicker:: Oh GODS, yes! They really are an excellent pair. And I think Vorenus' look was the same look I had...

1:33 AM  
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