Monday, October 03, 2005

HBO's Rome ep 6

This is mostly just random thoughts as I was watching Rome. A good summary can be found at rogueclassicism.

Amusing moment: Pullo asks "Who?!" when Vorenus mentions the Gracchi.

More curses! Niobe's sister to Niobe when Niobe tries to comfort her after they find out that Evander is probably dead: "By the grace of the Furies, I curse you!"

Atia tells Pullo to find someone for Octavius to "penetrate."

More sex scenes: Vorenus/Niobe--At least they're actually married. :-P

Atia to Octavius: "You WILL penetrate someone today, or I will... burn your wretched books in the hearth!" ouch. I'm keeping my books FAR away from that woman.

Pullo to the woman in charge of the brothel: "All right, my dove. We'll pay. But the girl better fuck him like Helen of Troy with her ass on fire. Or I'll know the reason why!"

Octavius talks to prostitute before "penetrating."

Antony watching girls fight with helmets and no clothing. o_O One gets wounded, and he licks it.

More sex: Atia and Antony. Atia wants to marry Antony. Tells him to stay in Rome. If Caesar is defeated, her position can help him be "king" if he doesn't join Caesar in Greece. Antony: "I had not realised until now... what a wicked old harpy you really are!" Atia slaps him. He slaps back--slave woman brings out a knife. Atia tells him to get out.

Atia sobbing.

Vorenus takes something out of Niobe's foot.

Antony decides to GO and help Caesar after Atia's little scene. Hitherto, he's been uncertain.

Atia sends Servilia a nude slave with his package... packaged. o_O Servilia in "ill-humour" at first, leaving Octavia flustered. Octavia says she'll go, but Servilia asks her back and tells her that she is blameless. She tells her, "Tell your mother that I'm grateful for the gifts and that I treasure the friendship as always."

Octavius sent away to Mediolanus.

Shot of the the 13th on a ship to Greece. Rain and puking. Pullo and Vorenus arguing about Triton.


Overall thoughts: Another interesting episode. I just love the character relationships in this show and the attention to detail. It's one of those things that you really do need to watch for yourself!

On the other hand, my Rome summaries (particularly last week's) is attracting some curious traffic. As of today, the most common search term for my blog is "futatrix," even higher than "glaukopidos." I confess I'm a little disturbed. My blog seems a bit dirty--in a Latinish way. heh.

On a completely unrelated note, those of you in the D.C. area, don't forget the Paul Cartledge lecture on Wednesday at 7PM at the University of Maryland, College Park!


Anonymous mikeyboy said...

Thanks for the totally defutata plot summary of Rome--I don't get HBO and I'm going to have to wait until it comes out on DVD and order it from Netflix. But I'm overjoyed to encounter a fellow classicist with whom I can share my gutter sensibilities.

11:52 PM  
Anonymous EstelleChauvelin said...

I think I'm very glad I wasn't drinking anything the first time I encountered the phrase "fuck him like Helen of Troy with her ass on fire."

10:14 AM  
Blogger Glaukôpis said...

Re: mikeyboy
I actually find a lot of Classicists have secret gutter sensibilities. ;-)

Re: EstelleChauvelin
So am I!! But to be honest, I'm kinda getting desensitised to this stuff now. I mean, the packaged package didn't actually phase me nearly as much as it probably should have. o_O Although I noticed someone, in their keyword search, is looking for pictures of this...

6:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think their secret mission is to make all of us giggle at random shit, like the packaged package. And poor Octavia had to go through the streets with that guy in order to deliver him.

Also, I have a suspicion that Octavian didn't manage to penetrate the girl. They both looked really downcast at the end, when he was getting dressed. Until the next ep, or until I'm told otherwise in a later ep, I'm believing they didn't actually fuck. He got her into position but couldn't perform. And that's why you eat your fresh goat testicles, Octavian :)

Mme B

2:44 PM  
Blogger Glaukôpis said...

Re: Mme B

::sporffle:: Yeah, I was a little suspicious of the way that ended. Too easy, really, especially after all that fuss.

But yeah, I kept thinking, "They ARE going to let him wear more than that when they go down the street, yes?!"

I don't care that Roman girls wouldn't imitate their parents having sex--I really love Octavia! ;-)

6:46 PM  
Anonymous reni hartmann said...

I like Rome as great soap opera, but historically, Caesar didn't go directly to Greece. I'm interested to see if they're going to put Caesar in bed with Kleopatra. Doubtless.

8:06 AM  
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