Thursday, June 23, 2005

Temple of Poseidon

This picture was too beautiful not to post: Temple of Poseidon

The photographer was apparently playing off of the Moon Illusion, which I sadly missed last night due to clouds and buildings and trees and the like. Eheu!

In other news, Vergil and I continue to wrestle. He is not coming as easily as Ovid, but I suspect that is because I'm using a Latin edition with notes for Vergil, rather than an Ovid reader.

Whitaker's WORDS and the OLD are becoming my new best friends.

Oh, I just had a thought (wow, you say, a thought managed to pop through in her muddled head?). I have a whole mess of Classics related pictures sitting on a disk from Paris last month. I could, every so often, pick one to post and write about, if there is any interest in that. Let me know.


Anonymous Tori said...

Oh! Me! I'm interested! ^_^ And that photo is *amazing!* I also missed the moon illusion last night, alas, being imprisoned indoors at the time of sunset/moonrise.

5:29 PM  
Blogger Glaukôpis said...

Indeed! That is sad. And thanks!

7:09 PM  

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