Tuesday, June 21, 2005

In the mind of the Latin student...

Vergil and I had a conversation this "morning." It went something like this:

Vergil: Lege me! Lege me, nunc!
Me: English, please.
Vergil: Read me! Now! And stop dawdling!
Me: You didn't really say that last part in Latin.
Vergil: ::rolls eyes:: Non cuncta!
Me: ::sigh::
Vergil: If you stop dawdling, I'll lay off the subjunctives for a while...
Me: ::sigh:: Fine, fine!
Vergil: Excellentissimus!
Me: You know, you don't really speak like that in anything I've read.
Vergil: Quidquid! It's called "poetic license."
Me: Oh, real authentic that. And "quidquid" just doesn't have the same ring as "WhatEVER!"
Vergil: Lege me!
Me: Fine! But you're starting to sound like Audrey II. ::starts reading:: "...neu segnes iaceant terrae..." Hey, I thought you were laying off the subjunctives!
Vergil: Ita vero! But I didn't say forever! ::smirk::
Me: ::sigh:: ::mutters:: Nunquam vinco... (I never win...)

**Please forgive any errant Latin, as I'm sure Vergil can't be perfect all the time (or maybe he can). I hope this is readable to the non-Latinists as well!**

Edit: If we are to believe the OLD (and we are, because the OLD is equaled only by Liddell & Scott and the OED), then Vergil, dear dead Roman that he is, might actually have been telling me to collect his cremated bones. Of course, he assures me that he was not. I'm not even sure I'd know where to begin looking for them.


Anonymous Rohaa said...

Completely understandable. I like it!

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