Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Glaukopis' 32452346th return, the Lupercale, and Alcestis & Medea

I would apologize again for my extended absence, but I'm sure anyone still reading this is sick of hearing the excuses! However, I was very excited to read about the discovery of the Lupercale. How cool is that??

In other news, although I am no longer officially a grad student anywhere--alas!--I've been keeping up with a Greek class this semester. It keeps me sane and drives me insane at the same time, but then I guess that's what Greek is all about.

I've also been thinking a lot about the similarities between Alcestis and Medea lately. I know this seems strange at first glance, but they do both subvert male power by outshining their respective husbands. And Alcestis does ask Admetus not to remarry--which is, of course, a far cry from offing the new wife, but it's still limiting Admetus' future chances at procreation.

I have to think more about this and go back over the Medea with the Alcestis at hand too. I sort of feel like the Alcestis is Euripides being subtle, and the Medea is him saying, ok, subtle didn't work? I'll hit you on the head with a 1000 ton hammer.

I don't know. Maybe I'm reading too much Medea into everything else.