Friday, March 30, 2007

HBO's Rome S2 Ep 10

Firstly, though, DRAKOS has a few words about Classics-related video games.

As for Rome, I am once again stunned by their brilliance. And I can say that I am truly satisfied with the series ending here. There is more they could do, but a lot of it would be rehashing old themes, and I don't think they could possibly end this so well at any other event.

Now on to the SPOILERS.

-I was particularly impressed by Antony's death and how pained he looked when he was told that Cleopatra had killed herself. He had his moments with Atia, but it's clear he never loved her so well as he loved Cleopatra. And well, love for Vorenus too. ;-)
-I was a bit suspicious that we weren't shown Cleo's death, but they still made her reappearance something of a double-take moment for me anyway. Vorenus looked suitably pissed. Her real death scene was quite beautifully done.
-Octavian really sucks at pretending to be "all charm" and niceness. I like that he was there when Cleo died so she could tell him about his soul.
-I'm GLAD for another good moment between Vorenus and Pullo (well, several of them!). Reuniting with their children was done really well also. In particular, I liked the last scene with Pullo and Caesarion. And I love that it did come back to Vorenus & Pullo, even though this was the big Antony/Cleopatra death scene and Octavian's triumph.
-And I need to make this quick, so my last comment is about Atia. I've been on Team Servilia the entire way (even wore my Team Servilia shirt yesterday), but I'm proud of Atia. She told Livia, "I know who you are. I can see. You're swearing now someday you'll destroy me. Remember, far better women than you have sworn to do the same. Go look at them now." Personally, I take this as tribute to Servilia, but maybe that's my bias! And I suppose if they continued the series, they could have Atia vs Livia, but 1) Atia's supposed to be dead a long time coming now, and 2) it just wouldn't be as good as Atia vs Servilia, and it would rehash too much of the same stuff.

Possible further thoughts later, but I'm off to NYC for research (of a sort) tomorrow!


Blogger MiniT said...

Yeah, i definatly though that was Atia's way of recognizing her nemisis. It's a gangster thing to say, too.

11:52 PM  
Blogger MiniT said...

Yeah, i definatly though that was Atia's way of recognizing her nemisis. It's a gangster thing to say, too.

11:52 PM  
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