Sunday, March 04, 2007

On Museums and Sith Lords . . . er, Ladies

So Friday, I went up to the Colchester Castle Museum with Mary Beard's class.

It's a lovely exhibit, filled with more "ancient stuff" than I feel like I see in a lot of D.C. exhibits and a whole lot of fun interactive high and low tech things. And while I did profess a preference for going to museums to see actual artefacts, rather than computer simulations, they did have a pretty neat virtual Colchester computer program that I wish they'd sell to visitors! (Because, frankly, I didn't want to waste time playing with that when there were so many ancient things to look at!)

In completely different news, one of my readers who happens to know me in real life has accused me of putting on a different "persona" here than I do in real life! When I asked her to clarify, she pointed out that I was actually crazier in "real life." Well, I really must explain myself! It is not that I wish to deceive you, dear readers, but I figure what with professionals occassionally stopping by and possible future employers or people involved with deciding acceptance/grants/whatever possibly stumbling on this blog, I probably shouldn't post about How Crazy I Actually Am.

Also, my parents sometimes read this. ::waves::

But, just to give you, dear readers, a taste of What I'm Actually Like, I shall tell you all a story from my undergraduate days. I'm sure anyone who knew me then who hasn't already figured out Who I Am will immediate know me for my true self!

One nice Halloween day, I decided to show my true colours. I dressed up all in black, complete with a black cloak and . . . no, I did not don a pointy hat! I grabbed my trusty bright red lightsaber (which I stole from Darth Vader). Thus, I headed off to class! No, seriously, I went through my classes like this, definitely more dressed up than anyone else on campus. This made for an especially dramatic entrance when I was running late to my English class.

Also, in my defense, everyone wanted to "touch" or "play with" my lightsaber anyway. ;-) I could tell the Incriminating Stories about that, but I don't think the World is ready to Know!

Addendum: To make this story somewhat Classics related, 1) I spent most of the day in the Classics department, and 2) I was going by "Darth Medea" if anyone asked.


Blogger Choppa said...

Colchester's a good place to get to know better. I specially know and like Wivenhoe, by the water. Biked there once from Cambridge for a mind-blowing party.

Don't worry about crazy - in Britain it's known as "eccentric", and as long as your chutzpah is firing on all cylinders, no one will touch you.

Get yourself some luminescent Athena-blue lenses and a big Medea amulet, pimp your hair into Medusa serpent spikes, find an imperial toga and waft around town muttering incantations in Ancient Greek. Mind you, it helps if you get everything right in class ;-)

3:52 PM  
Blogger Glaukôpis said...

Dammit!!!! HOW DID YOU KNOW??!!!?

5:43 PM  

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