Monday, February 26, 2007

Links, various and sundry.

I feel guilty that my posts have mostly been on HBO's Rome lately. But to be honest, I've been too busy to keep up with the online Classics world. It's a little calmer now (certainly helps not to be ill!), and there is no episode of Rome this week. Thus, we shall move on to bigger and better things! Mostly, I found a few cool links from skimming all the mail I didn't read this past couple weeks on the Classics-L list.

Firstly, King Tut photos from the original find are finally on display (click the link for details).

Also, there's apparently a program now for helping to learn declensions, called DECLINATIO. There's a demo version, but you apparently have to buy the full program.

And, according to a survey, Ancient Greek is said to boost modern minds. It's not the most scientific way of finding out, but it's a nice thought, I suppose.

The best for last, Oedipus (with vegetables):

Oh, and one thing that I don't understand is how a tomato and broccoli can mate and make a potato . . .

Although, since B and P are labials, you take the B from the broccoi for the first letter and make it a P, shift the initial T from "tomato" to where the M is, remove the M--then you have "potato."


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