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HBO's Rome S2 Ep 2

SPOILERS, as usual.

Another riveting episode of Rome! But since I have other things to do, I shall keep this entry in note form.

Also, I'm not entirely sure about this radical change Vorenus has gone through. Yes, he got screwed over after he tried his best to be extremely pius, but the change seems a bit extreme. I don't know. Maybe it works, but it's shocking anyway.

-Vorenus has been sitting around in mourning and not taking care of himself. He tells Pullo: "I have caused the death of my wife; I have caused the death of my children; I have caused the death of Caesar."
-Atia's jealous of Cleopatra
-Antony stalling on getting Octavian's money to him
-Cleo concerned about her son being accepted in Rome; Antony calls her a whore
-Erastes Fulmen's death has consequences--violence on Aventine. This has consequences for the businessmen, and Antony is asked to do something about it. He says, "Money, money, money! I'm surrounded by money grubbers!"
-Pullo brings Antony to help Vorenus; Antony asks Vorenus why he hasn't "opened [his] stomach"; Antony says he's Vorenus' master and blames him for the "war" on the Aventine; Antony offers "redemption"
-Servilia attends Atia's party; Atia offers friendship and forgiveness (haha) that Servilia says she can't honourable refuse (but looks quite displeased)
-Octavian noticed Atia's man outside and suspects his mother is plotting the murder of Servilia; he confronts her and says it'd "throw the Republic into choas"; Atia replies "I don't care"; Octavian goes to tell Antony, and Atia calls it off
-Cleo arrives with her son (4 yrs old); noticeable rivalry btwn her and Atia
-Timon's brother arrives
-Cleo leaves, and Atia whispers something in her hear about being a trollop
-turns out Timon's brother left Jerusalem because he'd been speaking out too loudly against the Romans; Timon warns him to keep it down
-Vorenus, under Antony's orders, calls together the collegiate captains, claiming the place of Erastes Fulmen; Antony will pay them off to stop the excessive violence and act in Antony's defence if need be; he says anyone who will not do business with him is his enemy; some of them start to draw their swords, but one reminds them they're meeting with Concordia; Vorenus picks up the statue of Concordia and smashes it, claiming "I am a son of Hades; I fuck Concord in her arse." The captains fall in line.
-Octavian asks about the money again and says he has a lawyer to help expedite the red tape; Antony gets angry and says he won't get the money then storms off; Atia tells Octavian to apologize, because Antony is the only protection they have
-Octavian decides to enter public life and announces that he will honour Caesar's request to give the plebs money; sells off his property to do so; Atia and Antony find out when the announcement is made publicly and are angry; he explains to them that if Antony goes on board, his name can provide protection when Antony steps down as consul
-Antony and Octavian get in to a huge tussle; Atia's clearly angry at Octavian but pulls Antony off of him; Octavia comes in at the end and yells at Antony for beating up on Octavian
-Servilia and Cicero thrilled about the quarrel between Antony and Octavian until Servilia asks for the senate to send for Brutus. Cicero says not yet.
-Octavian leaving to stay with Agrippa.


Anonymous Leah said...

I am really enjoying the second season of Rome. I think it is because I'm taking Roman history and art classes this year so I feel like I am getting far more out of the show.

And I just loved the throw away comment at the end about Octavian going off to hang out with Agrippa :)

10:47 AM  
Blogger Glaukôpis said...

Ohhh, does the series ever come up in your classes? I miss our random discussions of the show in my Latin class. ::grin::

And the Agrippa thing was quite amusing!

I have to admit I was worried about them keeping the same actor for Octavian (granted, he was great last season), but I do think it ended up working in their favour! The actor has done remarkably well claiming his authority, and it made the fight scene that much more dramatic. It really ended up working well, so kudos to them.

12:16 PM  
Blogger Dave Csonka said...

I've heard other people around the internet insinuate that this might be the last occasion we see Max Pirkis in the role of Octavian. Do you think they might bring somebody new in mid season?

2:49 PM  
Blogger Glaukôpis said...

Dave: I was about to tell you I couldn't tell you anything, and then I checked IMDB. In the fourth episode, Simon Woods is listed as Octavian!

To be honest, I find it strange that the would let four years pass and have Max Pirkis continue as Octavian at the beginning of the season (though, as I said earlier, he performed marvelously, and the scene did end up working well) and then switch actors mid-season. I suppose more time will pass between the third and fourth episodes, though.

I have to admit, I'm a little sad, because Max Pirkis did so wonderfully as Octavian, and you could really see him growing into Augustus. But it just wouldn't make sense to have him play a fully grown Augustus. Eheu.

9:34 AM  
Blogger Dave Csonka said...

I know! I feel the same way about Max. I think that he was a very good match for the character.

A gree though, they'll want a more mature looking person (physical stature) for the role now. Max looks a little older now but he still seems rather boyish to me.

10:37 AM  
Anonymous leah said...

Oh no, new Octavian :(

I was really enjoying Max Pirkis finding his feet as the emperor to be.. oh well. Must not pass judgment till I see Simon Woods :)

6:37 PM  
Blogger Glaukôpis said...

I do have high hopes, because I've not seen a bad actor yet on the show.

I do have one slight problem with Cicero that has less to do with the actor's ability and more to do with the role he played in Pride & Prejudice. It makes it hard to take Cicero seriously in the show.

Admittedly, though, he's a good enough actor that he comes close to making me forget sometimes. ;-)

7:10 PM  
Blogger Erzengel said...

I disagree with them replacing Max Pirkis- the reason the elder nobility underestimated Octavian is because he was deemed as an effeminate young boy. Pirkis played the part to perfection. He also had the intelligence, arrogance & self-belief down to a "t". . I didn't know it was coming but when Simon Woods made his 1st appearance I was extremely disappointed! Does not exude the confidence of Max, in fact he seems very uncomfortable with the role.

1:44 AM  

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