Friday, January 12, 2007

Various and Shiny

In the midst of my packing and jetlag and whatnot, I forgot that the news about Ithaca was being announced this week--and with success. There should be an update on the official site, but that doesn't seem to be working for me at the moment. There's a nice post on Rogueclassicism though.

Also, tonight there is a BBC2 reading of I, Claudius with Sir Derek Jacobi playing right at this very moment! I'm going to have to catch it on rerun because I forgot about that until my friend reminded me just now too. Jetlag's a bitch. And I don't usually get jetlag!

Lastly, I just discovered an older post on HBO's Rome board on an unofficial translation into Latin in the works. Sounds like fun!

One of the things they had briefly contemplated with BBC's Ancient Rome (not to be confused with HBO's Rome) was doing it in Latin, but that'd turn people off in a heartbeat. I wonder if they would've considered subtitles in Latin instead.

Speaking of BBC--does anyone know if they're picking up season 2 of HBO's Rome and when that's airing?


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