Friday, December 01, 2006

Nigel Spivey's Songs on Bronze

So I had a spot of free time (well, not really, but we'll pretend) today and decided to finally start Nigel Spivey's Songs on Bronze (and in case you missed it, Nigel Spivey can now be seen in Troy the Musical FOR ONE MORE NIGHT ONLY).

I must admit that I skipped to the part called "Jason and the Argonauts," which thankfully includes Medea's full story as well. And as the Medea lover you all know I am, I must say I was quite pleased.

I then went back to the beginning and started reading it normally, and I very much enjoyed his treatment of these familiar myths. He does such a wonderful job with the characterization, and I was quite moved reading most of it.

He does fairly standard treatments of the myths, but it's worth reading to see how he tells the stories and fleshes out the characters, even if you already know the stories. And for those who don't know the stories already, this may actually be a good read before plunging into Canongate Myth Series: Includes A Short History of Myth, The Penelopiad, Weight, and Dream Angus (Myths, The).

I'm not quite finished with the book (possibly tomorrow), but I expect it will continue to be as good as the beginning.


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