Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Hmm, I'm not hugely in a blogging mood today, as I've just (well, a few hours ago) finished another drafty draft of my paper. My brain is scattered, and I'm sure my draft is too. But no worries--another week left to revise it!

I'm at that point, though, where the more I pick at it, the worse it will probably get. That, of course, means it's time to step away for a day or two.

And I forgot to mention in my review of BBC's Ancient Rome that I wish they had shown Nero's "marriage" to Pythagoras rather than Sporus. Ok, so Sporus gets him sympathy points for missing Poppaea (except not really, because Sporus was castrated), but the Pythagoras wedding is so much more entertaining!

Lastly, here's one I'm stealing from rogueclassicism: Why we are all becoming 'Latin lovers'


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