Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I don't make this stuff up!

Well, I'll be back over the pond again soon. But I thought I'd share a little amusement with you, dear readers.

I was doing a perfectly innocent search on Medea (in fact, that was my only key word) at my undergrad university's library page when I came across a book titled Dark Angels: Lesbian Vampire Stories (it has since been republished as listed below in the Amazon link). This was quite shocking to me, as I could see no connection. It might have made more sense had I been doing a Sappho search at the time, but Medea? Well, it turns out one of the stories was titled "Medea," because one of the characters was named after her. I only got to read through the introduction to the collection (which was not without its research, to be fair, but it's clearly not scholarship either) and the story titled "Medea." It's not exactly riveting writing--the characters actually stop to talk about and push their neo-pagan mother goddess agenda at one point--but it may be worth picking up at your local (or university?!) library if only for the sheer oddness of it.

If you do pick it up, though, be warned that it is a book about lesbian vampires and not, shall we say, a collection of scary stories you'd read to your children or anything. There is definitely no pretence of subtlety.

In other joyful news, I'm sure many of you are aware that HBO's Rome starts again with S2 this Sunday the 14th of January. Right now, they appear to be rerunning S1 episodes. Personally, I'm quite excited!


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