Monday, July 09, 2007

Apologies for the super-extended hiatus!

I got caught up in the final paper and the thesis (which is done, whew!) and decided I better cut myself off from the blogging world. Every time I thought I had a moment to notify people of this, I realized I'd get sucked back in (it didn't help that I'd feel obligated to wade through the hundreds of e-mails sitting in my inbox now from the various Classics related lists I'm on :-P). And when that was done, I was faced with a spotty internet connection. Eheu.

So anyway, apologies. I shall attempt to update more regularly again!

Two things I definitely wanted to post about, though:

-Rome Reborn, which you really just have to click on and see for yourself. But it's 3D Rome and amazingly well done.

-Harvard's Latin Salutatory Address--for the Star Wars fan, super amusing. Because Latin and Star Wars seem naturally to go together in my head anyway (don't ask).

I hope these humble gifts are enough to excuse my extended absence.

Internet situation is still a bit spotty, but I shall try my best to catch up and keep up!