Thursday, August 09, 2007

Random, Random, Random (well, Jeopardy)

Ok, so I'm back across the pond now, and hopefully we'll see more regular updates.

But firstly, has anyone else been watching celebrity Jeopardy this past week? They've had quite a number of Classics related questions, some of which were imposisbly easy. There was one that was something like "He made Socrates his spokesperson" or whatnot, and I was rather horrified that nobody got it. There was one on Venus, and the last one I saw was a category called "The Iliad, Macbeth, and The Hobbit." It was impossibly easy with answers like "This one was written first." Um, yeah.

Actually, that was a rather ridiculous category, considering all three of the celebs on the show had done theatre before and should thus know something about The Scottish Play, at the very least. And making actors say "Macbeth" is just rather cruel. And completely randomly, Brian Stokes Mitchell was on the show, and he was in Ragtime with Audra McDonald who was the lead in Marie Christine based on Medea--whew!

And actually, Audra McDonald's character in Ragtime nearly killed her child as well because of its father's philandering ways.

Next time, I'll try to be less rambling in my post . . .