Thursday, February 23, 2006


My apologies for the silence of late. I have been simply swamped this week, and it only promises to get worse. No rest for the weary! But then, it is once again probably my own fault for over-scheduling myself.

Let this be a warning to others. Another warning to others who are applying to grad schools: send out your applications as early as possible, and don't trust the USPS! I received a letter from Oxford dated a good month after sending my application stating that my app arrived late, and thus they would not be able to consider it. Naturally, it only took three days for their letter to get to me.

I wish I could muster the energy to be mad about this, but I'm too busy to be mad.

Anyway, as the subject line promises, an article about gladiators! It basically discusses the use of forensic research to figure out some of how gladiators fought. It's interesting, and I like the picture they use. It's a nice shot of two "gladiators" in front of the Colosseum.

Although, it's really not as good as this picture that my friend took of a "gladiator" using a cell phone.


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