Saturday, February 04, 2006

On Latin, Comics, and Medea

In case anyone was looking for non-Classical Latin sources, there is the White Trash Scriptorium. It has some interesting things, including a Glossary of Latin Words Found in Records and Other English Manuscripts and some Neo-Latin links.

Also, there was a cute grammar related Get Fuzzy comic yesterday, which can be found here. You might just as well read today's follow-up while you're at it too. Actually, you might just as well keep reading. I blame Certain People who know who they are for my new Get Fuzzy addiction. :-P

Lastly, since I'm just all over the place today, David Meadows points to an article about Nancy Rabinowitz on the Medea Project. It supposedly helps women prison inmates "Develop Sense of Personal Agency."

Now, here's the thing. I absolutely adore Medea (so much that everyone who knows me already knows that I'm a Medea Freak), and I've greatly enjoyed Nancy Rabinowitz's work. But I'm a bit skeptical about using Medea as a model for prison inmates. I guess this comes from the fact that I just caught part of a special on parents who actually killed their children. I mean, from Euripides at any rate, I get that you can kill your children (because your husband is an Ass and a Wretched Unmentionable Cur) and get away with it, flying off in a dragon-drawn chariot. Apollonius makes you feel for Medea and ultimately rewards her as well.

Exploring and understanding Medea's power is wonderful and important, but I'm not sure we want a bunch of prison inmates specifically believing they should be relating to Medea. Sure, maybe "he had it coming" (as I pointed out in my paper last sem on Medea), but I should hope they're teaching something about Personal Responsibility as well...

Unless the point is that these women got caught, and if they really want to do it right, they need to avoid getting caught?

I guess, really, the point is that these women are supposed to see that they too went too far and are killing a part of themselves. But still, she flies away on a dragon-drawn chariot. She continues to live on as her kick-ass self, murdering others and has another child. Is this really what you want to teach prison inmates??


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If anything they need to avoid killing at all. Which gives them a greater chance of not needing to worry about getting caught for anything, but see we can't change what has happend in the past!!

8:35 AM  
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