Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Boogers and Blogs

In case you ever wanted to know what Important Latinists do with their spare time, there is currently a thread about nose-picking in Latin on the Latinteach list. ;-)

In all seriousness, it's really a wonderful list, and I don't mean to insult anyone involved. I found the topic highly amusing, if a bit disgusting while eating my dinner. But then, it was very clearly labelled "Mucosne habes?", so it's my own fault for clicking while eating.

In other not-quite-Classical news, I just discovered a blog for Medievalist English professor Jeffrey Cohen. This isn't exactly Classics, no, but I know a lot of you are also interested in medieval studies too. I am, at any rate. Plus, if you look at his CV, he got his BA in Classics also. This makes me happy that there are still English profs out there who have a solid background in Classics.

And hey, my first plan, before I was totally sucked in to and consumed by Classics, was to get my PhD in English. I supposedly started Classics in order to understand better English lit. Uh huh. Classics is dangerous.


Blogger J J Cohen said...

Thanks for noticing -- the blog is only a week old. And you're right: classics can lead down some unexpected roads.

The good thing about beinga medievalist is that you can be employed by an English department and still work extensively in Latin -- and no one raises an eyebrow.

7:49 AM  
Blogger Glaukôpis said...

Yes! Medieval studies is my back-up plan after Classics, and if they'd let me do both, I would.

Plus every medievalist I've known is just as much fun (i.e. just as geeky) as a classicist. ;-)

9:51 AM  
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