Thursday, November 02, 2006

A few things I've been meaning to post

These are a few days old, just because I keep getting too busy to post what I want to post! And it doesn't help now that my internet is dead in my room. But I am making efforts to keep up with NaBloPoMo despite that obstacle.

Firstly, a 'Tower of Babel' translator has been made, basically allowing a person to mouth words in their own language and have them come out in another language. Considering how imperfect our current translating technology is (and I mean typed words), I'm skeptical about this. At any rate, it's certainly no real replacement for truly understanding another language. That said, did anyone else think of Star Trek's Universal Translator when they say this??? Or am I the only crazy one?? Because it's really the same thing. And I'd be willing to bet these guys were inspired by the UT (indirectly or otherwise).

Also, for the Latinists out there, here's Free Latin, a lovely resource of Latin games, software, and other aids for Latin teachers in particular.

And here's an article on on a newly discovered Aristotle bust that is being called the "best-preserved likeness ever found." I wonder about that. For all we know, all this arist got right was the hooked nose. I know, I'm far too skeptical about random things.

Lastly (and I'll be SHOCKED if you haven't read about this one yet, but just in case), the brothel at Pompeii has reopened! I was stupid and somehow "forgot" to take a peek last time I was there. Don't ask me why. But I guess I made up for it by actually getting to see the wonderful Pan & Goat statue. It's seriously one of my favourite statues ever. I have strange tastes. But it's so delightfully crafted! The expression on the goat's face is priceless.

Anyway, stay tuned for an exciting update tomorrow!


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Wonderful post. If only I'd of come across something as wise and straightforward when I was starting out! See you at the reading!

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