Monday, October 23, 2006

Various and sundry . . .

It's been a busy weekend, trying to sift through everything I've read and decide exactly what it is I'm going to write about while my brain goes off in 10,000,000 different directions. I think I've got it now.

But now for a short break from that, I've come across quite a few interesting articles of note today.

From the Classics-L list:
-The Derveni papyrus published at last! Wonderful news!
-Another Delphic Delirium theory. I'm glad they're taking in to account geological changes, but my earlier questions have yet to be addressed. What would be really interesting to know is the long-term effects of exposure to this gas they're claiming, particularly in comparison with the short-term exposure of the visitors to the Oracle.

Over at Archaeoastronomy, we also have an article on finding and protecting Egyptian tombs using fracture traces.

Mary Beard gets to glimps the Sevso treasure (which makes me rather envious!). I'll be honest; I'm a sucker for shiny things.

And lastly, for those of you in the D.C. area, the Smithsonian's Arthur M. Sackler Gallery is doing an exhibit on Bible evolution. I should be back home in time to see this! Loverly.

And that is all. I had a few thoughts for you earlier in the day, but they seem to have taken flight. Perhaps another time!


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