Saturday, November 04, 2006

300 and Troy the Musical (again)

So apparently, Gerard Butler is going to be in the movie 300 as Leonidas. The official website, including pictures and a production blog, can be found here. Although, I have to wonder that the cast list is still "coming soon" on the official website when IMDB already has it.

I'm not sure what to make of Gerard Butler as Leonidas. Last thing I saw him in was The Phantom of the Opera. That displeased me for reasons that are irrelevant to this blog. But since then, he's also been Beowulf (I know, why haven't I seen that yet?) Praefect Cassius Chaerea (and hey, Courtney Love as Caligula . . . I don't make this stuff up!).

Anyway, another tidbit I forgot to mention yesterday in my haste. Troy the Musical will also feature Nigel Spivey as Helenos. Now you have to be there, don't you?


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