Monday, April 03, 2006

Playing catch-up

My apologies again for disappearing. I've been busy lately, and trying really hard to combat senioritis. So far I'm not exactly behind in class work, but I guess it's been cutting down my time here.

Anyway, first, I have a few things from rogueclassicism:
-A Foxtrot comic on the Odyssey. I've actually been listening to The Lord of the Rings on CD lately for class (I've read it a few times already), and it's really a different perspective. It's quite enjoyable, but as usual, it always makes me hungry! Those hobbits sure enjoy their food!
-I can't remember if I mentioned it originally, but there was an Amarna Princess that they've found to be a fake.
-There is also follow up on the suspended Latin teacher. Thankfully, she's been reinstated. Suspending over Pompeiian graffiti is just ludicrous.
-Also a bit on a miniseries called Pompeii.
-And, apparently, HBO's Rome is not doing so well in Italy. This surprises me, because I've had quite a few hits from Italy on this blog with searches concerning Rome. But I guess they're hardly representative of the majority.

Speaking of hits, according to sitemeter (which I haven't been using as much as blogpatrol, but which seems to record more hits), I had my 10000th hit just after my previous post! Blogpatrol, however, is still a bit behind.

And since I'm always collecting bad jokes and amusing comics, here are a few:
-From the LiveJournal Classics community: So like Xenophon, goes into the coffeshop, right, and the Barista says to him, "What can I get for you, sir?" and Xenophon goes, "The latte! The latte!"
and: So Julius Caeser walks into a bar, and says "I'd like a martinus." The bartender says, "Oh, you want a martini." Caeser says angrily, "If I wanted a double, I would have told you."
-From the LiveJournal English majors community: a comic on dissertations. There are a few other amusing things posted on that community right now, actually.

Also, I was watching Stargate SG-1 this weekend, and I realized I've been watching the show on and off since about middle school. Daniel Jackson has always been my favourite character. You sometimes forget (particularly, if you haven't watched the original movie recently), but he was an Egyptology professor (with a good mix of Classics--when they get it right--and other mythology/language). It's really no wonder I decided to go into Classics and still pursue (not really academically) my interests in Egyptology and other mythology. I mean, besides the fact that I was also a Xena addict... Yes, even then I was aware of how completely inaccurate these shows are!

And lastly, don't forget this week is BUY A FRIEND A BOOK WEEK! Wohoo!


Blogger Tina Treason said...

I love SG-1 and Daniel Jackson. My boyfriend made me watch the movie because he knew I would enjoy his character, and he was right.

I also really enjoyed this past season's focus on the Merlin myths. Totally wacky and out there, but fun to watch.

6:22 PM  
Blogger Glaukôpis said...

I actually haven't been watching much of this season. Last time I was watching, it looked like half of the characters were gone, and I thought they were actually ending SG-1 in favour of Atlantis! I was surprised when I realized there was still a 10th season. I should probably look into that.

I just have a hard time with the idea of a team that isn't Jack, Daniel, Sam, and Teal'c. Even when Daniel was gone for a season, I had a hard time accepting the new guy (whose name I've *already* forgotten! augh).

12:16 AM  

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