Friday, March 17, 2006

Indeed, she lives!

My apologies for the prolonged silence of late. Between mid-semester crunch, fatigue, and illness, I couldn't really bring myself to update.

The first thing I missed mentioning, though, was the Carnivalesque XIII on archaeoastronomy.

David Meadows also mentioned yesterday a HS Latin teacher getting suspended for using Pompeiian wall graffiti. I really don't understand these things. High school students are already exposed to this stuff ten times over by now. The teacher is trying to teach students about history and get them interested. This is part of the Roman culture, a part that in many ways is not unlike ours. To censor it just because it may be a little offensive (and honestly, it is not harmful in the least bit) is just ludicrous. These schools need to get a grip and realize that their first duty is to the students and to fostering a learning environment for them, not an oligarchical censorship.

Also, the Greeks seem to be quite popular in prison! First we had the Medea Project, and now Debra Hamel mentions Reading Under the Covers, which mentions an article on prisoners reading Plato (among other things). Whew!

Lastly, I must also remind all of you about:

Buy a Friend a Book Week is fast approaching us! First week of April! This is still my favourite holiday!


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Thanks, Glauk!

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You might also be interested in this programme on Sappho:

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